Welcome to our company website.
Our company was founded in 1931 (6th year of the Showa Era), and thanks to everyone’s support, we have been in business for 89 years.
First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Our company is a travel agent that has stores and allows customers to make various estimates and applications on the Internet.
Also, it is a small travel agency unlike major travel agencies.
However, we have earned the trust of our customers since our establishment 89 years ago, and we are providing our own services that major travel agencies do not have.
Today, we have received calls from customers all over Japan, and we have been helping many “self-journey” to date.


What kind of work does a travel agency do?

Our travel agency offers group tours and other services.
Bus arrangements (Highway buses and chartered buses)
Air ticket arrangement (Domestic, overseas and discount air tickets)
Special hot spring hotel arrangement
Hotel arrangements (Business, City Hotel)
Arrangement of dining hall
Help with personal and family travel (Disney, USJ, etc.)
Preparation of travel schedule etc.
We also carry many other items.
We also have more than several hundred kinds of domestic and overseas brochures.


4 [traveling mind] of Nippon Kanko Co., Ltd.

Travel makes people happy.
Travel brings joy and emotion.
Travel gives people new encounters.
Travel makes you grow.
Based on these 4 “traveling mind” our company will propose your own “self-journey” from the customer’s perspective.
Please contact us once.


For those considering a trip

The travel agency has a lot of information about popular sightseeing spots and local specialties.
Let me help you with your trip.


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Please wait a moment before applying for a trip on the Internet.

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