Nippon Kanko Co., Ltd. was established in 1931 (6th year of the Showa Era), and under its policy of contributing to Niigata Prefecture as a travel agency, it continues to grow with the support of local residents.
This time, the head of the group, Tadahiko Watanabe, discusses his thoughts on his daily work and travel.


– What do you care about when you work as a Japanese tourist?

First of all, it is your safety.
In addition to travel suggestions, our company is also focused on responding in the event of an emergency for our customers.
Most people panic in such a situation.
Our company will continue to provide complete support to these customers and will guide them to their homes.


– If I don’t have a travel plan that I want to go, can I get advice on sightseeing and hotel arrangements?

Yes, of course.
In addition to accommodation, we have various kinds of tickets such as tickets for various institutions and theme parks.
Please contact us if you need any help.
I think this page is also helpful.



– What kind of requests do you actually have?

We accept requests for general travel around the world and within Japan.
Under such circumstances, the situation regarding overseas travel changes daily and there are many requests from customers that “I want to go there.” However, utilizing the global network of our company established in 1931 (6th year of the Showa Era), we will give top priority to “safety”.
Of course, we will make suggestions according to your preference as much as possible!
It would be too late if something happened, so please understand that safety is the priority.


– Have you ever been happy doing this job, Mr. Watanabe?

I felt happy when a customer bought souvenirs from the customer’s trip and showed me the pictures.
I’m glad that the customer went to the sightseeing spot that I recommended.
Other than that, there was a time when someone from outside the prefecture sent me a letter and souvenirs after the trip.
When this kind of thing happens, I feel more strongly about making customers happy.



– Lastly, please tell me about the future prospects of sightseeing in Japan.

This is also true for today, but it’s all about “the travel agency trusted by customers”.

In addition, we are increasingly receiving orders from customers outside Niigata Prefecture, so I hope that various people across the prefecture will learn about sightseeing in Japan.



– Thank you.
I was encouraged by the attitude of the company and the representative, who put the safety of customers first, in the midst of increasing troubles caused by travel booking on the Internet.
You can read more about the pros and cons of Internet travel here.
I hope you will continue to act as the Nippon Kanko Co., Ltd. already is.