Introduction of Custom-made 'self-journey'


Have you experienced anything like this?

It is troublesome to find a hotel or restaurant by myself.

I didn't find a plan I wanted to go on a package tour.

I don't want to fail because it's an important trip.


Custom-made 'Introducing self-journey

I want to go on a trip, Where shall we go and what shall we do?

I have decided to go on a trip.
But the plan has not been decided yet.

In that case, leave it to a travel professional.


<Three Features>


① Activity

If you don't have a plan that you want to go on a package tour, we will suggest the best activity for you!

② Accommodation

You can choose the hotel you want to stay, not a fixed hotel.

③ Budget and schedule

If your budget or schedule is fixed, please leave it to us!


Examples of trips

Industry: Food service
Type: Research trip
Direction: France (Europe)
Number of people: 50

Recommended for training of the world's top three cuisines "French cuisine" and wine tastes.
During the training, not only did they experience the taste of the three-star restaurant, but they also felt the culture of the wine, and each of them was highly praised for improving their skills.

Industry: Service industry
Form: company trip
Direction: Guam
Number of people: 30

It was a trip where everyone could enjoy the sea and activities freely.
At night, the hotel beach is reserved for a party.
They said that they could improve their motivation and communication by experiencing things that they usually cannot do.

Industry: Architecture related
Type: Research trip
Direction: Kyushu
Number of people: 60

It is a trip for the purpose of connecting not only company employees but also related companies.
At night, they enjoyed the attraction that each of them prepared by renting a hotel banquet, and they had an opportunity to refresh and interact away from their daily work.


Steps to travel departure

STEP1 【Request】▶

Inquire by simple input from smartphone or PC.
You can also call us!

STEP2 【Get Your Plan】▶

Create up to three travel plans to suit your needs.
We will send you the plan by email.

STEP3 【Check Plan】▶

Use the proposed plan you received as a reference for your travel plan.

STEP4 【Set out on a trip】

Let's go on a fun trip after checking the schedule and belongings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the quotation free?

There is no charge for quotation, so please feel free to ask us.

Q. How do you propose the plan?

Once you have completed the "Request Form", we will create a "proposal plan" and send it to you.
Also, if you find a hotel that meets your needs, we will make a reservation for you for free.

Q. Can you recommend some nearby spots?

We introduce not only accommodations, but also local attractions, places to play and gourmet information for free.

Q. Can you handle detailed requests?

We will do our best to meet your request as much as possible.



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