Is that trip really okay?


In the Internet society today, it has become very convenient but troubles are increasing.
Be sure to understand the advantages and disadvantages of booking a trip from the Internet!

Internet Benefits

  • Search and reserve on the spot.
  • Sometimes the cost can be kept low (I can not cope in case of emergency)


Disadvantages of the Internet

  • Trouble handling is not possible.
  • There is no way to convey the claim.
  • Sometimes there is no reservation. (The facility has nothing to do with it)
  • It may be different from the room I thought.


Most travel agencies want to tell you about “troubles.”
What would you do if something happened there?
Most people panic their heads at that time.
However, those who are disciplined through this have brokered the travel agency and applied for it.
There are certainly cases where it is more valuable to apply for a trip from the Internet.
However, please use a travel agency by all means in case of “guarantee fee”! We will support you thoroughly!

We also accept custom-made trips